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Diesel Engine Oil 15W-40


Diesel Engine Oil 15W-40

15W40, CI-4 is suited to all diesel engine passenger cars and light industrial vehicle. It is designed for older engines and higher sulfer fuels (500 ppm and above).Speed Lubes 15w40 Heavy duty diesel engine oil can be used with complete success in over the road diesel trucks, off highway diesel equipment, turbo-charged diesel engines,and is backward compatible with previous API oil categories. Its superior formula reduces sludge, products against varnish formation and has superior anti-oxidation characteristics and high temperature stability.

Features & Benefits

15w40 highly refined, quality mineral oils and an advanced additive system to provide good engine cleanliness and good corrosion protection. It helps extend engine life, keep engines clean for smoother operation.


15w40 diesel engine oil formulated to be suitable for use in all vehicles. We particularly recommend for latest engine technologies, passanger cars, SUV's, light trucks and vans.